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Rosie Hoyem

Love Bird Tamer

Urban #planner turned #energy policy wonk turned #Rails developer turned #data scientist. Proud graduate of the Flatiron School and Metis for data science.

Things I Do 2

I build models.

I'm a wiz with data.

I create great data visualizations.

D3.js, Chart.js, and mapping, oh my!

I manipulate databases like nobody's business.

SQL? NoSQL? No problem.

I write code.

I build a lot of things using Ruby on Rails. I also speak Javascript.

I build things for the web.

My work lives on the web.

I make maps.

I'm a GIS nerd and love all things spatial.

Work Plans

I'm a PMI trained project manager and love nerding out planning projects.


What gets measured gets managed. I also like metrics.


Getting stuff done and within budget. Oh yeah.

I recently finished the Metis bootcamp for data science and am currently looking for new opportunities. Learn more.

Latest Projects3

Life Stream

Life Stream is a Quantified Self data aggregation platform. I started working on this project as part of my final passion project at the Metis Data Science Bootcamp. The goal of the platform is to automate pulling data from a variety of sources including Fitbit, Moves, Mint, and social media sites for example, aggregate it, and prepare it for analysis in near real-time.

Learn more about this project on the intro page I built as part of my Metis Career Day presentation.

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Life stream

The Metis Experience

This is series of blog posts and resources I put together as part of my participation in the Metis Data Science bootcamp. Here you'll find links to my projects, 'How To' guides I created, and my general thoughts on the program.

I attended Metis from January to April of 2017.

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Ds experience

Our City

Our City wass an on-going initiative that aims to facilitate transparency into the governing process of the Minneapolis City Council and increase public engagement through greater access to decision makers and a better understanding of decision making processes. The project got it's start in the summer of 2014 with the CURA:Tech program.

Our city home


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